City Recycling on HBO's VICE

About City Recycling

City Recycling was featured on HBO's VICE series which focused on Detroit scrappers, their impact on the bankrupt city and their careless mentality. Filmed in Downtown Detroit last Fall, the Detroit News covered the story:

Grapevine: Detroit Scrappers on HBO's VICE

Artist/Google millionaire David Choe caused a ruckus in Detroit last summer when he left money stashed around town (and Tweeted hints about where to find it). He pops up in journalist mode on a segment on the subject of scrapping in HBO’s VICE series, filmed in Detroit in October. Choe interviews scrappers in Detroit (and Cleveland), and follows them around. At the Packard plant, the artist watches as a scrapper takes down a bridge. As a scrapper, “you only hurt yourself,” the man insists, comparing it to robbing people or breaking into houses. Choe counters, “But you’re hurting the city and making it look abandoned.” He rides around with a “legal scrapper” who shows him how a Detroit school was dismantled and traces the multibillion dollar industry’s boom to the Chinese scrap traders who scour the U.S. buying it up.

Source: Detroit News

City Recycling on HBO's VICE - Preview

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