Responsible Recyclers Association


We are an association of scrap metal recyclers, equipment suppliers, service providers and recycle industry affinities that strive to strengthen the recycling industry through advocacy and education.

About Us

Formed more than two years ago as the Association of Environmentally Responsible Recyclers of Michigan, our Association initially focused on issues related to torch cutting. Since then, the metal recycling industry has faced other challenges, and the organization's focus expanded, evolving into the Responsible Recyclers Association. As it works to preserve your Right to Recycle, the Association has earned a reputation of being pro-active, solution-oriented and progressive minded.

This year has been particularly busy, as the Responsible Recyclers Association worked fervently with numerous state lawmakers to stop legislation that would have imposed onerous regulations on recyclers in the name of curbing metals theft. Instead, the rules would have done virtually nothing to stop thieves, and would have put all but the largest recyclers out of business.

Believing the solution lies in tougher enforcement, the Responsible Recyclers Association helped craft a law that creates a Scrap Metal Offenders Registry to alert recyclers to known thieves and establishes a fund to help police apprehend and prosecute offenders. The association this summer also is involved in legislative work groups as the state's metal theft law continues to evolve.


  • Secured a statewide moratorium on enforcement of EPA torching rules, while working with the state DEQ to make it easier for metal recycling yards to deal with the regulations in the future.
  • Participated in a federal summit to encourage the federal government to adopt the Association's Best Practices to curb air emissions.
  • Drafted Right to Recycle legislation for introduction in the state legislature
  • Engaged in ongoing outreach to state leaders to promote the metal recycling industry and educate peopel about its benefits to communities and the environment.
  • Continued monitoring regulatory developments at both the state and federal levels affecting the metal and recycling industry, including storm water and fugitive dust issues, with regular updates to Association members.


The Responsible Recyclers Association traditionally meets on the first and third Tuesday of every month.

For a current schedule of meetings and events, please contact:

Justin Dunaskiss
Executive Director

Phone: 248.877.3012


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